St. Kevin’ s Parish Fete

It is that time of the year again- our Parish fete

When:  Saturday 25th October


If you want an Unlimited Rides Ticket you have unitl Friday 24th to purchase them for $30.

You will NOT be able to buy them on the day of the Fete, so get in early and buy them before the big day.

There will be rides, showbags, lucky dips, fiary floss, food stalls and lots more!

So come along with your family and friends and have fun. We look forward to seeing you there!

Aussie Bush Dance

When : Friday 7th November at 7pm

Where: St. Kevin’s school hall

Tickets are on sale now:
Adults $10
Children $4

Everyone is encouraged to dress up and get your photograph taken in the PHOTO BOOTH!
There will be lots of prizes!

Blackberry Jam Bush Band will be providing the live music and learn some Aussie Bush dances!

So come along and enjoy the fun!

Introducing Solo taxonomy

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are ready for our last term togehter. This term we will be learning about SOLO TAXONOMY. SOLO Taxonomy (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) is a model that describes levels of increasing complexity in our understanding of topics.

Using SOLO Taxonomy as a model, we become active participants in our own learning. We can follow the five steps to create new learning. It provides the scaffolding you need to self-assess your learning outcomes and what to do next.

Watch the clip below and tell me at what stage you are at with understaning SOLO TAXONOMY.

Book Week festivities

A few weeks ago St. Kevin’s celebrated book week. We dressed up as our favourite book characters.

Dr. Seuss says:
The more you read the more you know
The more the more you know
The more places you’ll go!

We love reading!

Creating Colours

1/2 KK are learning to be artists. We began by looking at primary and secondary colours. The primary colours are red, blue and yellow. Do you know what secondary colours are formed from our primary colours? 1/2 KK do! (hint: orange, green and purple).

Silly Science Incursion

On Thursday August the 8th, Grades 1/2 enjoyed a silly science incursion where they learnt how to be scientists. They had a variety of experiments. They looked at:

  • Magnets
  • Making slime
  • Optical Illusions
  • Leak-proof bag
  • Making rockets

Have a look at our future scientists!

Silly Science Incursion on PhotoPeach

Junior Level Sports Day

At the beginning of Term 3 the juniors enjoyed a day of fun in the sun with athletics day, where they enjoyed a variety of sports activities. I was in charge of the egg-and-spoon race and here are some photos that were taken of our future champs. Olympics 2024 here we come!

Coal Creek Excursion

Yesterday we all visited Coal Creek. We enjoyed visiting the past. Do you know what these things were used for back in the early 1900’s?

I’m new to blogging!

Welcome back to Term  2 1/2 KK. I know you all enjoyed your holidays and are looking forward to new and exciting learning opportunities!  Here is where we will be sharing our learning and discoveries with the world. Enjoy and let’s get started!